Morning coffee rituals, weekly grocery runs, weekend squash: we know you have routines and North loves routines. North removes the complexity of settings and introduces you to a simple concept: Repeat Tags. Add any number of combinations of Repeat Tags to your notes, like Weekly, Tuesdays, Weekends or the MVP of the bunch, The Daily. Choose from over 12 different types of Repeat Tags and pair them with any number of Date and Time Tags to start your pro-level routine management.

Step 1

You can add new Repeat Tags from your Tag Bar. Use the filters to quickly sort through all of your tags, and additionally type in a keyword to pinpoint the exact tag you want.

North Notes – Filtering for Repeat Tags

Step 2

Tap any number of Repeat Tags to add them to your note. Once added, North will start reminding you about the note at the repeat point. That’s it! Simple.

North Notes – Inserting a new Repeat Tag

Add multiple Repeat Tags to the same note

North intelligently schedules multiple repeat notification based on your combination of tags.

North Notes – Note with multiple Repeat Tags

Choose unique repeat intervals

North also introduces unique repeat intervals such as Weekends and Weekdays.

North Notes – Adding a Weekends Repeat Tag

North Notes will be available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.