North Notes introduces a cool new way to organize your ideas, work, thoughts or tasks: Nesting! So each note in North is like a Russian Doll. You can have an infinite number of notes within each note.* This allows you to do cool things such as breaking down complex tasks into multiple sub-layers until you reach the most basic, simple actions that lead you to your visions, and it also lets you create fun things, like your own “Choose Your Own Adventure”-styled story!

*Hardware limitations apply

Sub-notes appear as colored bullets when previewing your note

Your note preview also indicates the number of nested items under each note with a numbered box at the end of the note title

North Notes – Note with nested sub-notes

You can tap on a sub-note to go one layer further down the narrative

Your sub-notes will also preview any nested notes that they hold similar to the primary note.

North Notes – Note with nested sub-notes

Two layers down, things are starting to get interesting!

Add possible paths to your story, each with its own compelling clues.

North Notes – Sub-note showing a “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style story

The navigation bar previews the title of the preceding note

North helps you navigate within the depths of your note by leaving hints of where you came from.

North Notes – Sub-note showing a preview of the preceding note in the Navigation Bar.

North Notes will be available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.