North Notes is a new app for iPhone, iPad and Mac for capturing each of your thoughts with all of its complexities. North introduces two powerful systems that you can’t find in conventional notes apps: Nested Notes and Smart Tagging. These systems help you structure your notes, thoughts, information or tasks into a hierarchical tree and let you give each point its due place in terms of priority and relationship to other points.

Previously, you only had the ability to record your information in a linear note, and your notes were ignorant of the relationships that they had to each other. However, North Notes is designed to allow for all of these inter-relationships between your notes and their content, letting you see your information in a more detailed and organized way.

What motivated you to make this app?

North Notes was developed from the need to have a place to store your thoughts in a structured, easily organized space. Conventional notes app were too linear and ignorant of the relationships that existed between each of your notes. North solves this through Nested Notes and a powerful Tagging system.

What was the biggest challenge when creating it?

Getting your content synced across all of your devices and capturing all of the complexities that each of your notes inherently carries: Unlike conventional note files, notes in North have a lot of dependencies from unlimited tags to unlimited sub-notes. A cloud syncing system for such an architecture is quite intricate.

Who is it for?

Anyone who regularly uses notes apps or to-do lists to keep things organized.

What is North Notes again?

North Notes is a notes app for iPhone, iPad and Mac. North features a unique Nested Notes system that lets you create notes within notes. This lets you store information nested under other higher-level information. North also features an array of productivity aids including a robust to-do list framework, powerful tagging system for multidimensional organizing, inline tagging, natural language processing for detecting reminders and other inline tags, Siri integration, fast global search and iCloud Sync.

What are Nested Notes?

Nested Notes are notes stored within another parent note. North lets you add Nested Notes inside of any note. Even inside of other Nested Notes. This lets you create an infinite tree of related content within your note. Nested Notes help you structure your information, thoughts or tasks in the correct order in which they lie. This hierarchical view of your content lets you break down complex things into layers upon layers of simpler concepts.

Conventional notes apps let you make simple one layer notes that work for linear thinking. North Notes adds dimension to your conventional note with Nested Notes. Nested Notes are a new way to structure your ideas, thoughts and tasks by adding sub-notes inside of your main note. This way all your information stays in one place, at the right hierarchy.

If you’re a user who often lists out related information in separate notes or one long note, North Notes will help you structure your notes in an organized hierarchy. You’ll be able to generate as many layers as you want to capture as much detail that you require, all on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

North Notes is the new app released by the team behind Initial — which has been available for a long time. North Notes also features an array of other productivity aids including powerful tagging system, Siri integration, Natural Language Processing, Geofencing and iCloud Sync.

The app is very simple and intuitive, which makes it extremely easy to use. Once you open it you are ready to go, all your data is synced across all of your Apple devices. You can create a new note by tapping on the Compose button visible on all levels of the app. You have options to also create notes from the integrated Camera.

What’s special about North Notes is that it not only lets you create Nested Notes to structure your data but also uses the same powerful tools to create your smart to-do lists. The app gives each Nested Note the full functionality of a Primary Note. This way tasks created inside Nested Notes can contain individual reminders and tags. To make things even more intuitive, users can just write down when they want a task to notify them in the text and North Notes will schedule a reminders for them.

North also organizes your note by all of its tags. This lets you see a note in many different sets on your feed. It’s a multi-dimensional view of things that surfaces your thoughts and ideas in many angles at once. The result is something as you can see in the image below:

The app is a Universal App and runs on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.