Some routines and lists happen on multiple days, like your best friend’s wedding, or more frequently, your gym schedule, yoga classes and even the common household chores. North lets you schedule for multi-day events and routines with support for multiple Date and Time Tags and Repeat Tags in each Note.

Step 1

List out all the dates, if any, that apply. You could just write it down in your text and North would insert the needed Time and Date Tags.

North Notes – Adding multiple dates to a note

Use Note Text to Add Tags

Add more dates by editing your note. Add “Sunday” to let North know that you need another Time and Date Tag

North Notes – Adding a new date to a note

Review your dates

Check your Time and Date tags. North will notify on each of these dates.

North Notes – Note with multiple Date and Time Tags

Step 2

If you need North to start cycling these date over a period, add a Repeat Tag such as the Weekly Repeat Tag. You will start receiving new notification on these days of the week on a weekly cycle.

North Notes – Note with repeating notifications on multiple days

North Notes will be available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.