In addition to being a great place to look for your notes, you can also use Spotlight to locate your frequently used Siri Shortcuts for North. You can create a new note by simply tapping on your shortcut from Spotlight.

Step 1

Search for your custom Siri Shortcut in Spotlight

North Notes – Spotlight Search with Custom Siri Shortcut

Step 2

Tap on your shortcut to launch it right there. You can enter your new note text in the input box.

North Notes – North Notes Siri Shortcut launched from Spotlight

Step 3

Tap Done once finished writing or cancel to go back.

North Notes – New note inserted to Siri Shortcut


Once completed, Siri would you present a quick preview of your new note.

North Notes – Siri has saved a new note

North Notes will be available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.