North works super-smoothly with Siri. Once you have made the custom Siri Shortcuts here with your own custom Siri invocation – try “Create a note with North” – you are ready for super-fast dictated notes with Siri.

Step 1

Summon Siri and state your invocation for North which you saved in your custom shortcut that you created previously here. For example “Hey Siri, create a note with North…”

North Notes – Creating a new note with Siri

Step 2

Once your invocation is received, Siri would request you to begin narrating your note text. Keep in mind that Siri prefers short, simple sentences to be transcribed into your note, so remember to state your thoughts in bite-sized chunks.

North Notes – Once an invocation is received, Siri starts listening for your note text

Step 3

Once Siri determines that you’ve paused your narration, Siri will proceed to save your note content with North, and present you with a summary of your new note. All of this happens in a matter of seconds.

North Notes – Siri has saved a new note

North Notes will be available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.