You don’t always have a pair of free hands to note down a new thought. And that’s where North with the powers of Siri comes to the rescue. Get North to work with Siri the way that you like by creating your own custom Siri Shortcut. You can create Siri Shortcuts in your Shortcuts App.

Step 1

Open your Shortcuts App and add a new shortcut by tapping the Add (+) button on top. Tap on Add Action to pull a list of available actions on your device. Once tapped, look for the section Create Note with the North Notes icon under Suggestions or Applications.

North Notes – Creating a new Siri Shortcut for North

Step 2

Select the Note Text action in the Create Note section. Locate it by the North Notes app icon.

North Notes – Selecting an action from the Shortcuts App

Step 3

Once selected, tap Next to tell Siri how you would like to call the shortcut when speaking to your phone.

North Notes – Saving a new Shortcut


Once saved, tap on your new shortcut to give it a run. You can summon it by asking Siri with the invocation text that you saved in your Shortcut.

North Notes – Testing out a new Siri Shortcut

North Notes will be available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.