North is your labelling dream come true. You get an array of different tag families that you could use from standard text tags like hashtags to unique text tags only found on North. You could also label your notes by color. North also groups your notes by Smart Tags such as the Repeat Tag, Time and Date Tag, Geofence Tag and even the Location Tag: Now, you could finally add notes tagged to your favorite coffee shop!

North organizes your notes by their tags. Adding a new tag to a note will let you see it on your Add Feed instantly.

Tap anywhere on a note to pull up the Tag Bar

The Add Tag button would get you straight into the Tag Search Bar

North Notes – Note with the Add Tag button

Use the Tag Search Bar filters to quickly sort through your tags

The Labels Filter showcases all of your Text Tags and Color Tags. The Smart Filter get you in front of the Repeat Tags, Time and Date Tags, Location Tags and Geofence Tags.

North Notes – Tag Search Bar with active filters

Use the Tag Search Bar to find tags or create new Text Tags

You can use the Tag Search Bar to both find existing tags or to create new Text Tags. North creates new Text Tags with your input. Just tap on the new tag to add it into your note. It’s fast!

North Notes – Creating a new Text Tag

Once added to a note, tags appear on your Add Feed

Adding tags help you to instantly organize your notes. Once added to a note, a tag would appear on your Add Feed as a row. Adding this tag to more notes would similarly have them show up under the same row as well. North organizes your note by all of its tags. This lets you see each note under multiple tags. It’s a multi-dimensional view of things that surfaces your thoughts and ideas in many angles at once.

You can tap the add button on each row to create a new note with the chosen tag.

North Notes – Notes are organized by their tags in your feed.

North Notes will be available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.