We know life could get quite busy at times and so could your notes. North helps you to wade through all your brainstorming exercises, random musings, and quick insights with lightning-quick search. Simply try out your keywords and North will return. Search even expands to tags, helping you to locate any note that repeats on Mondays or notes tagged with the color red for instance. Search also gets you to your Nested Notes faster. Simply locate a Nested Note in Search, tap, and you’re there.

Search sits on your home screen

Search is a pulldown away on your home screen

North Notes – Home screen with search

Filter your search results

North lets you filter your search results to help your sort through matches arising from your notes and tags

North Notes – Active search with text filter applied

Search for Notes with Tags

North lets you find notes that have tags that match your search terms. Search Weekends to pull up all notes with the Weekends Repeating Tags.

North Notes – Active search with tag filter applied

Use your filters to finds all recent Notes and Nested Notes

Search also lets you list out all your recent Notes and Nested Notes sorted by the most recent. This helps you locate anything you’ve written, wherever it may be located.

North Notes – Search listing out all Notes and Nested Notes sorted by the most recent

North Notes will be available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.