You could create an unlimited number of custom tags on North. And North features powerful search and filter tools to help you find the precise Tag that you need. Use the Tag Search Bar to filter tags by name or type.

If you need to create a new Tag, simply type your tag name in the Tag Search Bar to get an array of newly created Tags to select from.

Use the Tag Search Bar Filters to sort through your results. Select Labels to get all of your label tags and select Smart to get all of the Tags that perform functions like your Time and Date Tags and Location Tags. Try Actions to access tools to add content or Tags to your note such as Location Search or the Camera.

Search or Sort

Use the Tag Search Bar to search for tags or add new tags. Use Filters to focus on specific Tag types.

North Notes – Search of Filter Tags

Organize Notes with Labels

Use Labels to get text tags such as hashtags and other text tags unique to North. You can also access your Color Tags here.

North Notes – Filtering Tags with Labels Filter

Add Functionality with Smart

Add Location Reminders, Time-based Notifications and Repeating Notes with the Tags in Smart.

North Notes – Filtering Tags with Smart Filter

Launch Tools with Actions

Add images, take photos, search for new locations and add new dates with the Tags in Action.

North Notes – Filtering Tags with Actions Filter

Search for Tags by name or type

Type a name or description of your Tag to pull it up. Say “Color” to pull up all of your Color Tags.

North Notes – Search for Tags by description

North Notes will be available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.