To-do lists are great for getting things done, and not missing a spot. North comes with a powerful way to create lists within any note: Nested Notes. Nested Notes can contain anything from a simple to-do to a fully-fledged section of multiple subtasks. And the best part is that North Notes are infinitely nest-able! This allows you to break down big, complex to-do items into layers of simpler and simpler sub-tasks. Making your next big project that much more executable. Each sub-task also supports all the features of a full Note, so you could add tags, images, reminders and everything else that you would need.

Use Nested Notes to create your to-do list

Add unlimited to-dos to any note by adding Nested Notes. Each to-do can contain a simple task or an entire section of smaller subtasks.

North Notes – Note containing a to-do list

Simply swipe to complete a task

Every Nested Note in North supports archiving and restoring. Remove completed tasks from your lists and optionally choose to bring them back by swiping once more to restore.

North Notes – Swipe to complete a to-do item

Completed tasks appear at the end of your list

Completed tasks are a useful way of storing and reactivating frequently repeated tasks. Just swipe a completed task to restore it back to the list.

North Notes – Note with a to-do list and completed tasks

North Notes will be available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.